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Focus On Toddler Talk!


FOCUS On Toddler Talk! 

Teaching Toddlers To Talk

This unique 8-week++ interactive ONLINE video eProgram will FOCUS on giving you the essential techniques to boost speaking skills for late talkers and advance the skills of all toddler’s vocabulary and communication skills. 


Communication is the key for all learning and social interactions. Early vocabulary has been linked to later school success.  It is aimed at children between 18months and 3years. It is particularly ideal for children using less than 100 words and or building words into first sentences.

Top Talk FOCUS On Toddler Talk! Series - is broken into two comprehensive programs.

Program 1 – FOCUS On First Words (Steps 1-4)
Program 2 – FOCUS MORE On First Words (Steps 5-8)
FOCUS on First Word Top Ups - Addition packs that use the skills learnt through the series.

Why is this programme essential for all parents of toddlers?

See an experienced Speech Pathologist in action – best way to learn is to watch! 

 Meet Dr Sandra McMahon Phd as she guides you through the program with

  • Video explanations of each developmental step your child must develop to boost their speech
  • With personal voice over and video examples of explanations from Dr Sandra Mc Mahon PhD   
  •  Video demonstrations of games and activities taken from actual speech therapy sessions
  •  Everyday routine activities specific to each steps FOCUS
  • Specific activities to share with family, friends, playgroups or childcare providers
  • Feel more confident with your new understanding of language development - You will learn how to boost your child's speech in those everyday moments.
  • With FUN play based activities watch learning with your child happen naturally
  • With FOCUS On First Words parents become well equipped to be their child's most important speech, language and early literacy teachers.
  • Learn NOW how to seize any moment of the day to boost your child's language!
Why Does This Program Work?

Each step has a specific language boosting FOCUS - Created with FUN ways to get toddlers talking - Play based Activities to help toddlers to talk - Learn how to use toys to help your toddler to talk - Everyday routine activities that help boost your toddlers language and vocabulary. ALL with each steps specific language boosting FOCUS embedded in every activity. 

Each Step has a specific FOCUS                                       

F – FOCUS: FOCUS on essential pre-speech skills needed to boost early speech development and prevent your child becoming a late talker: 

  • See an experienced Speech Pathologist in action! – 
  • No more long chapter readings but sit back and watch informative videos presented by Dr McMahon in your own time!

O – OBSERVE: Easy to do weekly online Checklists with your child

  • To determine if your child’s skills in key learning areas such speech, language, imitation are “at risk”, “doing OK” or “advanced”. 

C – COMMUNICATION: Gives you activities to Highlight the social aspect of learning to talk & learn.
  • Build and strengthen important social and emotional skills  

U – UNDERSTANDING: Gives you activities to highlight Understanding 
  •  Understanding comes before talking
S- SPEECH: Gives you activities to assist your child to say the building blocks of words – speech sounds improving speech clarity.

  • More than just an e-book – we don’t just tell you what to do--- we show you what to do by giving you a unique opportunity to observe videos of actual clinical sessions with a range of children. We SHOW you how to do the activities with YOUR child. 
  • All based on clinical experience and the latest child development research that shows that early intervention and focus on vocabulary improves social and academic success.

Step-by-step video information & explanations that are easy to understand but can be implemented immediately.

You can customize the programme to suit your child’s needs. At each step the games and activities are provided at 3 levels – Foundation, Main, and Advanced Levels. The video and activity instructions are customised to each level..

What you receive

  • An 8 week plus ONLINE eProgram that you can do when and where you like
  • Step by Step video guides of activities, instructions and information
  • Checklists – find out where your child is at with each steps FOCUS
  • Different levels that help make each activity easier or harder for your child
  • Videos, printouts, worksheets, visual aids, activities…
  • Activities you can pass onto childcare, daycare, family or your playgroup
  • A discounted rate on our ONLINE Skype sessions with a professional speech therapist 
  • We teach you the skills needed to help your child
  • An immediate start to helping your child’s speech


  • It’s easy
  • It works
  • It has been developed by an experienced speech therapist 
  • It’s flexible – You choose the location and time
  • It’s Fun
  • It’s cheaper than most one on one speech therapy sessions 
  • You don’t have to read it – YOU CAN SEE IT HAPPEN