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Top Talk Spoken Word Counter


Spoken First Word Counter

How many words should my child say?

Children by 18 months can have up to 50 words and by 24 months some children will have up to 600 words.

One of the first questions a speech pathologist will ask a parent is: “How many words do you think they are saying?”  It is SO hard to think on the spot how many and what words a child is saying. 

 There are number of First Word Lists however Our online First Word Counter is unique and MORE THAN JUST A CHECKLIST!

  • Over 500 words most with pictures and/or videos representing early words are provided in bright clear pictures. Sit with your child and see if they can name them marking if they have the word right there and then

  • For words you know they can say you can tick them off immediately

  • Our word counter will add up and give you a total number of words your child is saying

  • Results will also tell you what kind of words they saying (objects (ball, cat), people (mum), actions (eating), social (bye)– this is extremely important and if they do not have words in all categories their talking and sentences may end up being delayed.

  • Start and stop the assessment over time before getting a final count so you can be sure you have captured all their words

  • Re-do the test over time to look for changes and improvements

  • RESULTS will then give you an estimated ranking for the child’s age: child is “at risk of being a Late Talker” (delayed), Doing “Just Fine” (showing Typical Development) or “Doing really well” (Advanced/ GIFTED) for their age.

  • Ideal for children in the 16- 30-month age range

  • Useful to take results to your Speech pathologist so they can help straight away or you can use the results to determine what stream to work through in our FOCUS ON FIRST WORDS online Parent Program- Foundation Skills, Main Level or Advance Skills.             

  • Works on IPad, tablets, laptops and desktops   
  • Easy to use instructions 
  • Many include video prompts for to help children to cue words
  • Observes your child in their own home environment
  • Great information to take to a speech pathologist if you decide a full assessment is needed
  • Scores are related back to age expected milestones or direct personalised feedback given immediately– no wait for assessment feedback